Estate Sales FAQ's

Questions Answered Right Here!

* We are a LLC

* We are licensed by the State of Texas

* We have a licensed, certified Texas Notary & Loan Signing Agent on staff
* We are insured and can bond if needed

* We specialize in rural and hoarder properties

* We do all the staging, prep, advertising, and hosting/managing sale for 45%

* We only consider estates that have at least $5,000 or more in sell-able items. (let us determine if your sale qualifies)

* No deposit required

* We offer a contract so everything is in writing for your protection & ours

* We collect/pay sales tax as required by the State of Texas (unless buyer has completed correct form for exemption)

* We accept all forms of credit cards from buyers as well as paypal

* We broom sweep once we are finished

* We contact charities for removal of what might be left at your request

* We do not haul off trash. (we can bag as the clean out is happening)

* We have appraisal specialist on staff for china, collectibles, motorized, and more

* The staff you don't see at the home is the critical crew for your liquidation. Researchers, Social Media and more...

If you are interested in us handling your liquidation needs, call us to set an appointment to meet at the home where we will go through everything with you and get started on the path to your end goal! We do estate sales without all the traffic through the house and chance of theft or damage.