What our customers are saying

I knew when I first met Pam she was dedicated to my needs. I was so overwhelmed with everything going on in life, and she came in, like we had been friends for years, and took away the stress.  Compassion, ethics and manners.....  Everything was handled to my satisfaction. Highly Recommended

Reed-Gun Barrel City, Tx

How we help through life's journey

An estate truly starts when you begin the journey of life as an adult. Some people are given or receive an estate heired as a child....As an adult you are the King/Queen of your estate. You build your estate through home purchases, investments and more!

1. When you buy a house (we can help with the loan closing as a notary), 

2. When you plan for the future, (we can help with notary of life documents), 

3. When you inherit others life collections (we can help with notary of Affidavit of Heirship & Title/ Sales documents)

4. When legal matters interrupt life's journey. (We can notarize those documents too.)

We travel to you, or provide safe locations for you to provide Notary Services.


What a Mobile Notary means for you?

A mobile notary is a state commissioned officer who provides witness to you through Notarial acts for legal, loan and other documents.

We come to you, where you are!  We can meet at a café, your office, home or wherever is safe for both of us to handle your notary needs.

Estate Liquidation

    There comes a time in our life that someone else leaves this world and we are left to clear out their life collections. That's where our team comes in.  There are title's to transfer, affidavit's to complete etc.  Our team can help and if legal work needs to be done we can work with your attorney to get the documents completed.

     Our team has been hosting in house tag sales for years. And learned early on we do not take every sale that is called to us. Some are better to be just donated....but we can discuss that further when we meet!

     We find that loved ones left with the task of dealing with someone else's life's collection just want it gone!

     We specialize in fully packed (hoarder) and rural style properties. We love the challenge!

     We come in, start in the kitchen and work our way through the house & property to get everything staged for sale.       Professional set up, cleaned if needed to enhance what you need sold. The house will appear like a pop up boutique when sale day roles around!

     We work with bulk buyers at the end of the retail sale to liquidate the balance left to get the clean out done and finished.

     When the party is over, we broom sweep, set left overs, if any, together for your donation to charity, or bag for trash. Your choice.

Let us handle all the stressful details.

What our customers are saying

Pam's team is awesome. I explained the time frame to her, showed her around. Explained the dynamics of estranged family, etc... 

We came to an agreement in writing, for my protection, and then she called her team, one phone call and they got to work. Their phones were ringing within minutes of the 1st pictures being sent to buyers. They even had a notary for the different documents I needed as the Executor!

Allee Children, Livingston, Tx

Estates By Slate is a company derived to assist others with ALL their Notary Needs!

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