What our customers are saying

I knew when I first met them they were dedicated to my needs. I was so overwhelmed and they came in, like we had been friends for years, and took away the stress.  Compassion, ethics and manners.....  Everything was handled to my satisfaction. Highly Recommended

Reed-Gun Barrel City, Tx

Our Products and Services

Liquidating through direct buyouts

We have buyers for China, Crystal, Flatware, Silver-plated, Sterling, Jewelry, & Collectibles

Crystal Glassware Bar Glass

China, Crystal, Silver-plate, Flatware Buyouts

We meet with you at the home, we assess the items to liquidate, research with buyer want lists, make an offer right on the spot for small wares.

Antique Retro Furniture Chairs

The rest of the house

We have buyers waiting on our call for the rest of the house on items of value.  Items like LP Records, Figurines, Vintage, Retro and Antiques.  Let us liquidate without an in house sale for you.  Call us to get details.

Online Sales

Want us to work social media for you.  We will come to the house, contact our buyers and put the balance out to the local social media sites to get as much bought as possible.  After the final push, there is always usually left overs, these items we suggest donating to local charities. We can discuss when you call.

Made in Japan

Buyouts vs Sales

We have been hosting in house tag sales for years.  We find that loved ones left with the task of dealing with life's collection just want it gone!  Coupled with more HOA's and Cities banning in home sales we had to conform to the times.  So we are "out of the box" thinkers, and developed our buyers over the years and are adding new ones every week. 

We come in, start in the kitchen and work our way through the house selling through private phone calls, messaging, texting, email and social media. 

No "sales allowed" no problem we have it handled!

When our buyers arrive it is like a old friends "hen" party.  They come in preview in person, pay and remove same day if possible.

When the party is over, we broom sweep, set left overs if any together for your donation to charity, or bag for trash.  Your choice.

No nosy neighbors, no tracking up the carpet, floors etc.  Our buyers are professionals in what they seek and are mindful of the condition of the home.

What our customers are saying

This team is awesome. I explained the time frame showed them around. We came to an agreement in writing, for my protection, and they got to work. Their phones were ringing within minutes of the 1st pictures being sent to buyers.

O. Mayfield, Garland, Tx.

Estates By Slate is a company derived to assist others in the need of liquidating with compassion, honesty, & transparency

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We're a team of dedicated individuals who love what we do. Contact us to learn more!

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